How to create WordPress Front-end login form

Normally WordPress has its own login and registration pages, Which can’t be changed and match your website branding. So i will show you how to create front-end login form. I will write another article on Registration form. For normal WordPress blogs, we don’t need to create a separate login or registration pages. But for the… Read More ⇒

How to show specific category posts on a page

If you want to show specific category posts on a page, Or want to show different categories post on different pages, then you are in right place. To show recent posts from a specific category or categories on any page, Go to your theme folder, and put the below code at the end of functions.php… Read More ⇒

How to create first WordPress plugin

WordPress plugins is a code which adds extra functionality to your existing WordPress website. if you know about WordPress, then you must be heard about WordPress plugins. Read this article to Install your first WordPress plugin. The WordPress plugin Code may contain PHP, Jquery, javascript CSS, and HTML. But one PHP file is required. To… Read More ⇒

How to install First WordPress plugin?

One of the main benefits of using WordPress is that it has thousands of free plugins. which can extend and expand the functionality of WordPress. You can find all available plugins here, and download any of the plugins. There are two ways to install a plugin. 1st is to Install Directly from and the… Read More ⇒

How to install and configure WordPress

Wordpress is the web software through which one can create website, blog, forum and even shopping cart. WordPress is the most used CMS. it is 100% free software and there are thousands of free plugins available on which can be used to extend and expand the functionality of WordPress website. Read Install wordpress plugin… Read More ⇒